Wine + Wisdom by Sarcastic Mommy

What over a decade of parenting has taught us is that survival depends on copious amounts of wine and coffee. Thankfully this blonde roast from Sarcastic Mommy has the winy, fruity, chocolaty undertones to make a desirable cup for the seasoned mama.

Ground coffee, net wt. 12oz.


Colombia + Central America

We recommend following the brewing instructions of your own coffee machine, but we like to use two rounded scoops per cup of coffee. Our roasts can be brewed hot or cold, and our Covert Dessert espresso is great for specialty brews.

For best results, store your coffee in a dark container that can be sealed airtight. Keeping the coffee at room temperature, away from humidity will ensure it stays as fresh as possible. Ground coffee will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks, and whole bean a little longer than that.

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