Holiday Survival

Hey Grinchitis? Batteries not included? In-laws stalking you? Kids on a sugar high? Well, we can't fix any of that but we will fill your cup with a robust, dark roast with aromatic hints of the holidays to make you smile.

Holiday Survival comes in two cheerful flavors. Choose either Mudslide or Snickerdoodle...either way, this coffee will be your key to owning this holiday season. You got this!

Ground coffee, net wt. 12oz.


Brazil + Colombia

We recommend following the brewing instructions of your own coffee machine, but we like to use two rounded scoops per single cup of coffee.  

For best results, store your coffee in a dark container that can be sealed airtight. Keeping the coffee at room temperature, away from humidity will ensure it stays as fresh as possible. Ground coffee will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks, and whole bean a little longer than that.

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