We are the Caffeine Queens here at Ladies Coffee Company. We run on caffeine, handfuls of animal cracker and the occasional abandoned half of a PB&J sandwich. With littles ranging from 7 months to 15 years, we are uniquely qualified to know how shitty parenting can be at pretty much any age, and as boss babes we know first hand how crazy that hustlin' life can get. 

That's why we created Ladies Coffee Company. Roasts for the real mom and the boss babe. For those who get up early, work hard all day, hustle at night and are ready to do it all over again tomorrow. For the moms who run from one school function to another, bring this kid to soccer and the other to baseball, and still make time to keep the house in one piece and only loses her shit once (ok, maybe more) per day. 

Our coffee is for the mom who's toddler is having a meltdown in Target. The lady boss who's putting in 10 hour days...every day. The mom who didn't shower today...or yesterday...or the day before that. The badass chick who's putting her heart and soul into that side hustle, knowing one day her dreams will come true. The mom who has a sink full of dishes, a load of laundry getting moldy in the washing machine, and just got oatmeal all over her work clothes.

We made our roasts for you. Because you're strong, and you're tough - and you need a coffee that can keep up.