Survival Coffee Kit

As moms, it's no big surprise that we run on coffee (and half eaten cookies or handfuls of cereal we shove into our mouths during breakfast). This survival kit is designed to get you through even the toughest of days. 

Great for trying out the Mama Java roasts, and it's also perfect as a gift to a fellow mom (trust us, it's THE BEST thing she'll receive).

Our coffee begins with carefully picked Arabica beans, cultivated from Brazil, Colombia and Central America. Then, we roast each unique blend to perfection with one goal in mind: it needs to taste good cold, and old. Why? Because if you're a mom and you can drink a cup of coffee fresh + warm, well there's definitely something wrong with you. Like, really wrong. 


  • The Hustle // double the caffeine
  • Pack Leader // dark Brazil + Colombian roast
  • Embrace the Chaos // medium Colombian roast
  • Until Wine... // robust Hazelnut roast
  • #momlife // light Brazilian roast

Every bag makes about 6 cups of coffee on a good day. 4 on a bad.

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